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by Aileen
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Ever since I finished this (rather short) book, Dani Atkins is the master of unpredictable, exciting stories for me. „Perfect Strangers“ is an excellent representation of her writing skills.

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My rating: ★★★★★


The two main characters, Hannah and Logan, just survive a plane crash and end up in the wild with no civilization in sight. What would you do, in the middle of a frozen landscape, without any preparation? Exactly – do whatever you can to survive.

The novel starts in the most dramatic situation: A plane is about to crash, and – of course – the protagonist is inside of it. Already now, you might understand that this is a novel you simply cannot put down. Seriously, I hardly ever say that about books, but this is one of the books you can finish in one go. (And then you will regret it because it was so good and now there is not even one single page left.)

My opinion

When I first read the blurb, I was doubting that I could actually feel with the characters because the story sounded so unbelievable. Indeed, it still sounds unimaginable, but it is told in a way that you have no doubt that this could actually happen. I noticed that this is very typical for Dani Atkins: There are usually quite some coincidences that come together.
Moreover, the story was rather straight-forward. I felt like I could predict the end very well (of course, they are going to be rescued eventually, aren’t they?) But I simply did not see that twist coming. Even now that you know there is a twist to expect, you will not be prepared for it, believe me.

Writing style

I also loved Dani Atkins overall writing style – I felt like I was right there, together with the main characters, feeling the cold and the surrounding danger. It is exactly the kind of style you need for a relaxing moment; not too complicated but really involving.


If you are afraid of flying, this book is not for you – you would probably never enter a plane again. If you are not (eminently) afraid of flying, go ahead, grab the book and give it a go! You will not regret it.

Dani Atkins: Perfect Strangers
Verlag: Simon & Schuster UK, Kindle Edition
E-Book, 177 Seiten (gedruckt)

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